Increase Traffic From Search Engines To Your Online Business

SEO for online stores or e-commerce is much more complicated than any other website in the form of a blog or website information. This is because online stores generally only contain pages of products without a lot of other content, and we know that search engines love content-rich websites. Then if the online store owners have to make a lot of writing on every page? Not really. The existence of the content is very influential on Shopify SEO services, but in addition to the content, there are much more that could and should do for e-commerce websites.

SEO online store is different from the blog. Basically the same, but the e-commerce site requires higher attention, especially on the on-page. The reason is that e-commerce is a website that is the most complex structure. Free SEO for blogs can not be applied in the online store. There are even special quality standard rules of Google for SEO for e-commerce. SEO services, usually include a review of the buyers on the product page.

Review the product is one of the most vital elements in the relevant product page SEO. Because of the fresh and original content, reviews will enrich your pages with keywords. Ease, content review obtained automatically. Review also able to increase your ranking for the keyword “product name + review” and other long-tail keywords. If you apply the right, starred review will appear on Google search pages so that your website will increase CTR, but not just SEO. The review also will increase your sales. See statistics of the study, 63% of visitors prefer to buy on the website that there was a review of his, the review would increase product sales up 18%, 61% of potential buyers will read the reviews first before buying. The problem is, rarely a buyer willing to leave a review for granted. Therefore you as SEO services must request a review through the product page and make the process as easy as possible to provide incentives for providers’ review, which could be a discount coupon or other bonus, in addition to the email. But do not directly after purchase, wait 3-5 days after the buyer receives the goods so that they can try out the products first.

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