Anime Genres that You Need to Know

On our website, you can create the Coolest anime characters. In addition, some of the anime genres in the anime series in general are as follows:

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1. Fantasy

The first is the fantasy genre. In anime, this is the genre we encounter most often. For example, such as in the Doraemon anime, Naruto and Onepiece.

2. Romance

Next up is the romance genre. In anime, it is not uncommon for us to see kiss scenes or love scenes. The scene is an anime romance anime genre.

3. Harem

The harem gently “coupled” or accompanied by the romance genre because basically this genre involves one guy who is liked by three or up to four girls.

4. Shounen or Shoujo (bishoujo)

Furthermore, there is also the shounen or shoujo (bishoujo) genre. In the shounen genre, we can tell that the main character or protagonist is a boy, while for the shoujo genre, the main character is a girl.

5. Supernatural

Then there is also the supernatural genre, this is a type of anime that involves magic or magic and other supernatural powers.

6. Ecchi and Hentai

The last one is ecchi or hentai. People, usually y refer to the ecchi genre as hentai, because there is a scene like panty flashing or it can be considered as perverted because it shows a girl’s chest, so make no mistake, because ecchi and hentai are different genres.

Apart from the explanation that we have stated above, there are several terms in anime that you must understand, especially when discussing the world of anime.

Fan Art
Fan Art is a creation of an anime or manga character that fans love. This is a character image produced by fans.

Fan Fic
Fan Fic stands for the words “fan” and “fiction”, which is a story composed by fans using characters or modifying the storyline of a manga or anime.

The next term is fanservice, these are things that are intended as an attraction because they are liked by fans but are not related to the storyline.

Fanservice for male fans is like showing body parts, such as showing the character of a girl changing clothes, an open skirt, or wearing a bikini. Meanwhile, fanservice for female fans is like showing a male character who is bishonen.