Do not forget to fulfill your vitamin C needs so that your health is always maintained

The extraordinary benefit of vitamin C for the body is to prevent premature aging. Of course, this one benefit should not be wasted, right? The antioxidant compounds contained in vitamin C play an important role in the process of cell regeneration both inside and outside the body. Kombucha tea is also said to lower blood sugar levels, maintain and strengthen the immune system, and prevent constipation. Drinking kombucha has also been linked to Unfortunately, many of these health claims are not fully substantiated. Due to its popularity, many people are interested in trying to make kombucha tea at home. This is not recommended. If the manufacturing process is wrong, the bacteria that form in kombucha can cause poisoning. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the recommended kombucha consumption for healthy adults is 4 ounces or about 114 milliliters per day. For some people who have certain health problems, including pregnant and breastfeeding women, you should first consult a doctor or nutritionist Kefir Grains.

Apart from alcohol, this drink also contains acetic acid, folate, essential amino acids, B vitamins (B1, B6, and B12), and vitamin C. B vitamins help regulate mood and produce red blood cells. Meanwhile, vitamin C as an antioxidant is important for the skin, bones, and heart. Research has shown that taking vitamin C regularly can slow down the appearance of wrinkles and moisturize dry skin. So that this makes the appearance more excellent. Not only that, skincare products based on vitamin C have been shown to reduce wrinkles, which are the source of premature aging. Some studies have shown that inadequate intake of vitamin C can trigger macular degeneration. A condition where the quality of vision decreases due to aging. Not only that but consuming vitamin C regularly can also prevent the risk of several types of cataracts. The next benefit of vitamin C that should not be underestimated is that the body keeps the blood pressure of people with hypertension under control.